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23 September 2011

Magnus & Diana Married!

In June I had my very first solo wedding.
It was exciting, and kind of scary, but once I got there I instantly fell comfortable and knew I could do this. And I did! These are the results of Magnus and Dianas small intimate ceremony at Churchill Manor in Napa Valley.



Karin said...

Love it, amazingly beautiful shoots, you're such a great photographer my dear <3

Ljung said...

I don't think you realise HOW fantastic you are Johanna!!! These photos are better than what the avarage wedding photographer would manage!!! In particular the black and white pics, the silluettes pics are truly amazing!!!
There is a warmth in each pic. There is amazing focus, and composition, specially the pics in the doorway and windows. True beauty!!! And lovely sharp colours!

Believe in yourself. Realize and admit to yourself what a great photographer YOU ARE!!

I would chose you above anyone else if we got married now!!

Ljung said...

Affe har mailat dig.. genom mitt mail. Kolla. Kram!!

Jos said...

Så vackert! Älskar fotona med pianot!!! Du är så grymt duktig!

En mamma mitt i vardagen. said...

Kommer bara på WOW att skriva, så det gör jag WOW...


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