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08 May 2008

Seen by the eyes of Johanna

Red Daisy

At the end of the world

The not so lonely cypress tree

The seine

The seine

The poor

Prisoners view

The prison and the city

I can see the river

The vineyard

The transamerica

Set sail

Sunset bridge

The boring street

Little Daisy

The dungeon

Jamaican sunset man

The little house in the vines

Lonely dock

We're no prisoners

Notre Dame and the boat


Haunted maison

Hey, its the bridge

The backdrop

I can see the ocean

The little boat

The little tavern

The stairway to sea


Yosemite dream

Spiky plant


Burning circle

The backstreet

The canyon

Greek Window

The lake in the mountains

Mirror lake

I see a boat

Nobody out

kind of Dizzy



The evil skyscraper


Johanna is a photographer who came to California 5 years ago to explore the country.

She fell in love with California, and she fell in love with a man. Got married. And decided to pursue photography as a career.

She enjoys photographing most things here in life and always thriving to tell a story with her photographs.

Want to Buy my Photos?

If you are interested in buying any of my Landscapes or Fine art photographs, Contact me by email or check in my shop on ETSY where I sell some of them.

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