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29 January 2010

Wedding in November

I'm working as an assistant to weddingphotographer Julie Mikos. 
She is fantastic!
Although most of my job is to help her hold lenses and stuff, she also lets me shoot in between when she does not need my help.
Here are some of the last wedding I helped her on. November I believe it was. 
Due to privacy issues I cannot post any photos of anybodys faces from the wedding here, if you're wondering why there aint no frontal shots :-)
As always, all photos are copyrighted by me and may not be used for other purposes

26 January 2010

Beautiful People

Here are some portraits of beautiful people, that I have the honor to know!
Everyone has their own special features that makes them unique!
What makes YOU unique?




It's beauty that captures your attention, personality which captures your heart


Johanna is a photographer who came to California 5 years ago to explore the country.

She fell in love with California, and she fell in love with a man. Got married. And decided to pursue photography as a career.

She enjoys photographing most things here in life and always thriving to tell a story with her photographs.

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