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05 November 2009

My First Maternity Photoshoot.

This is my first maternity photo shoot. It was fun! I am very pleased with the outcome, though i wish we had more time to photograph- Both of us had many ideas!
To photograph a tummy is a bit of a challenge. But you can be very creative and play with the light. As I said- It was fun!

14 October 2009

Rosemarie & Raymond

My long time friend from Sweden moved to California to marry her man in August.
A beach wedding at Coronado beach.
I was there as a guest but photographed as much as I could.






Johanna is a photographer who came to California 5 years ago to explore the country.

She fell in love with California, and she fell in love with a man. Got married. And decided to pursue photography as a career.

She enjoys photographing most things here in life and always thriving to tell a story with her photographs.

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