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11 July 2008

The Twins and the nanny

Photoshoot with the adorable twins and their nanny Bella.
Together we made a photobook for the Twins parents as a goodbye gift from Bella.
It was VERY much appreciated.
The photos came out surprisingly good for the circumstances
(Girl woke up early from nap and was VERY cranky, did not want to be held by Bella, only by the photographer)
I managed to capture their different peronalities, from little Angel boy to Crazy gal!



The view

This is called Flower


Hey, where u goin?

Just a little boy

Playing around




My nanny!!

Nate and Bella

Admiring the view


Little boy

Crazy gal

All alone

Brother and sister lookouts

in deep thoughts

Smell the flower Bella!

Angel boy

Good times

Little little shoe

Little miss charming

Look over there!!

The loving nannyFlying lad

Tiny shoes

The finger

Flying gal

Open please

Playing with the leaves

Its so much fun!

Bejbi get kiss

Bejbi get more kisses

Miss Grumpy


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She fell in love with California, and she fell in love with a man. Got married. And decided to pursue photography as a career.

She enjoys photographing most things here in life and always thriving to tell a story with her photographs.

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